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Dedicated to Quality Prehospital Care

The Northwest Ohio EMS Consortium brings together EMS resources from a number of different agencies in the Northwest portion of Ohio. The consortium consists of multiple EMS medical directors from Fulton County Medical Center, Mercy Defiance Medical Center, Mercy St Charles Medical Center and faculty with the emergency medicine residency program affiliated with Mercy St Vincent Medical Center and Premier Physician Services. This partnership allows the EMS medical directors to collaborate and share resources. It also allows each service to which we provide medical direction to benefit from the collective expertise of each EMS faculty member.

The Consortium currently provides an on-line EMS medical control 24-hours a day to assist with complicated on-line medical direction issues as well as assisting crews in obtaining follow-up on interesting cases.

EMS services anywhere in Northwest Ohio may contract with the consortium to have the consortium serve as their full-time medical director, or may choose to have the consortium provide specific functions such as on-line medical direction, assistance with quality assurance, assistance with special skill development, or short-term medical direction coverage when the regular medical director is unavailable. Additional services offered include full access to consortium developed protocols, training, 24 hour on-line medical control and quality assurance programs The purpose of this website is to provide both the EMS crew members and surrounding hospitals, affiliated with NWO EMS, a set of “GUIDELINES” for the management, treatment, and transport of patients with a variety of illnesses and injuries. Multiple departments and agencies in the rural and urban environment are members of the NWO EMS consortium.

Thank you for all that you do everyday!

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Our Vision

  • Through leadership, support, and regulation, to ensure the development and maintenance of a high quality Emergency Medical Services delivery system for the citizens of Northwest Ohio. The primary focus is to reduce both human suffering and economic loss from premature death and disability resulting from sudden illness or injury.

Our Mission

  • The mission of the Northwest Ohio EMS consortium is to provide a valued service to the community that preserve life, improve health, and promote the safety of citizens and visitors, who live, learn, work and play in our community while maintaining a sustainable systems approach that is focused on dynamic resource utilization to enhance the overall quality of life in northwest Ohio.

Our Promise

  • EMS departments will provide prompt, professional treatment and transport to the sick and injured.

  • EMS providers will conduct ourselves in a caring and considerate manner and strive to help others, regardless of their problems.

  • We will stay motivated to keep ourselves properly trained and educated and be willing to pass our knowledge along to the EMS providers affiliated with the EMS consortium.

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Updated June 2020

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