NWO EMS Guidelines

The guidelines for the Northwest Ohio EMS Consortium are designed to be both a practical guide for the treatment of patients, and a teaching document to be used by prehospital providers.  These guidelines are broad guidelines for multiple department / agencies in both the rural and urban environment.  Not all components of these guidelines are appropriate for the individual department.  These guidelines provide a decision tree, referring to more specific guidelines in the other sections.

The sections (Tabs) within the guidelines are: Administrative, Cardiac, Adult Medical, Obstetric / Gynecologic, Pediatric Medical, Environmental, Trauma and medication guidebook.  

The guidelines are updated throughout the year based upon current literature and advances in medicine. These guidelines are put out in PDF format and can be accessed on mobile devices through the PPP Agency App.

***Be advised that this website is only monitored occasionally and  the  app will contain the  current  updated protocols before this website.  *** UPDATED 07/11/23

BLS Tab 00 - Title Page.pdf
Copy of BLS Tab 01 - Operational.pdf
ALS Tab 02 Cardiac 3.pdf
ALS Tab 03 - Adult Medical 2.pdf
ALS Tab 04- OB_Gyn 2.pdf
ALS Tab 05- Pediatric Medical 2.pdf
ALS Tab 06 - Environmental 2.pdf
ALS Tab 07- Trauma 2.pdf
ALS Tab 08 - Procedures 2.pdf
ALS Tab 09 - Medication 2.pdf
ALS Tab 10 1.pdf
ALS Tab 11 Caveats for Remote Care .pdf
ALS Tab 01 - Operational 2.pdf
BLS Tab 02 - Cardiac 2.pdf
BLS Tab 03 - Adult Medical.pdf
BLS Tab 04- OB_Gyn 2.pdf
BLS Tab 05 - Pediatric Medical.pdf
BLS Tab 06 - Environmental.pdf
BLS Tab 07 - Trauma.pdf
BLS Tab 08 - Procedures.pdf
BLS Tab 09 - Medication 1.pdf
Pit Crew CPR Procedure - ALS.pdf

NWOEMS Pandemic-COVID19 Procedure 3.13.20.pdf

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COVID 19 Respiratory Protocols

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